Friday, May 13, 2016

Get Dee-Wite

Finn, the big blue bass, was mad. 

In the fall Finn had been sad, but now Finn was mad. 

Finn was mad because of a man named Dee-Wite. 
Dee-Wite had caught his big brother Sam on a hook. 
Then Dee-Wite let Fred cook Sam on the grill. 
Then Dee-Wite ate Sam. 

Sam had tasted good.

Finn spoke to the other bass in the lake. 

He spoke to the large mouth bass. 
He spoke to the small mouth bass. 
He spoke to the striped bass. 
He spoke to the white bass. 
He even spoke to the Australian bass who was there on vacation.

Finn also spoke to the trout. 

He spoke to the lake trout. (There were a lot of lake trout.) 
He spoke to the rainbow trout. 
He spoke to the brook trout and the brown trout too. 
He spoke to the golden trout. 
He even spoke to the cutthroat trout.

Finn spoke to the suckers.  
He spoke to the pike. 
He spoke to the pickerel, and he spoke to the pumpkinseed. 

Finn spoke to all of the fish except the catfish. 
Finn did not like catfish, and catfish did not like Finn.

All the fish except the catfish agreed. They would get Dee-Wite.

They waited for Dee-Wite to come out on the ice. 
They waited for Dee-Wite to cut a hole in the ice. 
They waited for Dee-Wite to sit down in his camp chair. 
When Dee-Wite sat down in his camp chair, the cutthroat trout went to work. 
He cut a hole around Dee-Wite’s camp chair.

Dee-Wite fell into the water. 
The water was cold. 
The cutthroat trout tried to get Dee-Wite, and Dee-Wite cried for help.

Marbles and Chisel heard Dee-Wite. 
They ran out on the ice. 
Chisel pulled Dee-Wite out of the water and on to the ice. 
Marbles caught the cutthroat trout with her teeth. 

Dee-Wite took the cutthroat trout home and cooked it with maple syrup.

Dee-Wite ate the cutthroat trout. 
It did not taste good. 
But it was good brain food, and Dee-Wite did his homework. 
He did a good job.

But Finn the big blue bass still wants to get Dee-Wite.

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