Saturday, December 31, 2016

Between the Pit of Our Fears and the Summit of Our Knowledge . . .

Submitted for your consideration:

That for over two generations The United States America has let itself be bought and sold by a tiny idiot elite (0.1%)

That this tiny group of greedy, ignorant individuals through stupidity, institutional pressures, and the hubris of great wealth were able to use their obscene wealth to gain more and more power over the institutions of government which has continued to enable them to enrich themselves ever more at the expense of the 99.9%

That the 99.9% of Americans instead of seeing a common interest and making a common cause against a common enemy have allowed themselves to be deluded, manipulated, and divided so that they would inevitably descend to ever new lows and ever more frantic frustration.

That this tiny (0.1%) group of malefactors of great wealth, a cabal that Franklin Delano Roosevelt knew so well and warned the nation against, was successful in inducing large numbers of citizens to blame their sad plight on government, politics, and democracy.

And that in 2016, popular anger, division, confusion, and mischievous despair (along with systemic voter suppression, and calculated interventions by both the Kremlin and the FBI) enabled a pathological liar, lunatic, pervert, bully, ignoramus, cheater, abuser, and buffoon to win an electoral college majority - and thus be "electorated" president - even though he (a stubby fingered orange tufted twit of cheap downtown grift) lost the popular vote by a huge and decisive margin.

Thus America crossed over the threshold into a new and horrifying dimension. A dimension where information entropy has reached a near maximum. Where there is no difference between fact and opinion, empiricism and fantasy, evidence-based assertions and malicious lies. Where America has, through our gullibility, prejudice, ignorance, laziness, and arrogance . . . crossed spastically over into "The trimpShite Zone."

But is there no hope?

Is it our most likely fate to be crushed by a fascist repression supported by the most frightened, irresponsible, angry, brutal and brutalized ruffians?

Will we merely sink into a pathetic despond, begging and grateful for the privilege of being allowed to serve humbly in the corporate echelons of our benevolent but dread Masters?

Will we be whipped into a revolutionary frenzy and tear down the House of Capital only to be subjugated by newer, less sophisticated forms of Masters, now slouching expectantly in the shadows?

Or will we follow the example of FDR (also a scion of great wealth) who showed us how to check and contain the idiot elite (0.1%) - and even partially tame and domesticate them so we can muddle through to face fresh challenges?

The future, dear friends, is (as always) in our own hands.

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