Sunday, February 5, 2017

Fire Water and Sky Stuff

Who are "We"?

Ask the Indians (as we named them).

We gave them mirrors and blankets

And taught them how to scalp

But we ARE Indians.

Ask the Africans

Who we enslaved, impoverish, imprison, and shoot.

And they give us juke, jazz, and soul

But we are Africans.

Ask the NAZIs

Who we gave Old Protocols

Of Zion and Eugenics

But we are NAZIs

Ask the Immigrants:

Jews, Polacks, and Wops

We gave them torches, shovels and GI Bills

And we are immigrants

Ask the Irish Chinese

We gave them hammers, tongs, and movie roles

They gave us jigs, sad songs, and restaurants

And we are Irish Chinese

Ask the Vietnamese

We gave them napalm

Agent Orange

And Coca-Cola

And we are Vietnamese

Ask the Indonesians
We gave them genocide
And we are Indonesians

Ask the Arabs
We give them cruise misses and drone bombs
We gave them Saddam
And we are Arabs

Ask the Iranians
We gave them a Shah of their own
And we are Iranians

Ask the Philippinos
whom we Cuba Libra’d
Mindanao’d, Vieque’d and Guantanamo’d

Ask the Japs
who we Hiroshima’d and Dresden’d

We are fire, water, sky, and stuff.

Just ask us.

We'll tell you.

We're the greatest

We're the settlers who settle things.

We're the soldiers who soldier on

We're the workers waiting for the weekend

We're the scholars cribbing for degrees

We're Mom

We're Apple Pie

We're the street we live on

We're the sad eyes of Abraham Lincoln

We're the mad eyes of John Brown

We're the skull keepers of Geronimo

We're the tree shadowed sidewalks where children find soft worms after light rains

We're the soft sunlight of Easter Morning in our short suits and caps

We're the laugh track on the Gong Show.
We're the horror show you don't wanna know
We're the children ducking under blankets during the Witching of Oz
We're french fries and tendentious lies
We're Italian food when we're in the mood.
We're the Whoville Whos who never made first base
We're all spraying Abbot und Costello mace.
We're the people who don't care about history cuz that's not where we wanna be.
We're whoever we wanna be
We're fake news that spit to print
We're the click bait that keeps the lights on.
We're the jailbait that that lights the boys on
We're Flint freezing drinking water sprayed on Standing Rock

We're the welcomers of refugees.
We're whoever we wanna be
We're the makers of refugees.
We're whoever we wanna be
We are the refugees.

We're whoever we wanna be.

Ask us.
Tell you
We will.
The greatest
We are.

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