Wednesday, April 12, 2017


I am the gray spring rain wetting black trees,
glistening dark pavement.
flattening patchy grass
putting glow in the whitened sky
dotting tall windows and mist frowning faces
I was snow and oceans.
glaciers and geysers
I will be rivers fed with storm drains
earthworms, weeds, fish, and fowl.
corn, rice, cattle, and swine
vapors rising from swamps
I will be in frosty breaths on frozen mornings
the wet parts of sighs,
the drool on pillows,
the dampness in bedsheets,
the spittle in spite,
the flow of blood,
the slipperiness of tears, sniffles, kisses, and love

in comets that streak in far realms unmeasured.

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